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Climbing Mount Everest | Asian Trekking

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Climbing Mount Everest | Asian Trekking

Overcoming one's own barriers has always fascinated the human race. No wonder the highest mountains in the world arouse such interest. When in the 1950s Hilary and Norgay stood on top of the Mt. Everest, hardly anyone thought that in a few decades the mountain would be available to almost everyone. Almost, because to climb to the top one needs long training and an iron mentality. The trip is also associated with high costs, but for dreamers it is just another barrier to overcome.

High-altitude expeditions require proper organization. The Asian Trekking company has extensive experience, especially in climbing Mount Everest. For four decades, it has organized hundreds of ascents to the highest peak in the world and thousands of treks around the Himalayas. Expeditions are personalized and adapted to a given group. Thanks to the presence of experienced Sherpas, reaching the top becomes more realistic. Customers also have access to medical assistance, professional equipment, and comforts such as a stay in a high-class hotel before setting off on a tour.

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